Prime Time/FBI


at Central Montcalm

at Central Montcalm

at Central Montcalm


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PRIME Time and FBI

A Ministry of The

Central Montcalm Faith Community

***PRIME Time/FBI are on hiatus until further notice due to Covid-19 protocols in the school district***

PRIME Time / FBI is a two-pronged early morning Christ-centered club for children in grades 2, 3, 4, & 5. The goal of these ministries is to provide elementary students a safe place to start each school day using songs, prayer, physcial activity, games, and a Bible lesson. With only 20 minutes to fit everything in, it's not hard to imagine the energy each morning.

WHO?  PRIME Time/FBI draws and screens volunteers from seven area churches including: Sheridan Congregational Church, Central Montcalm Community Church, Pine Grove Church, Trinity Evangelical Free Church, Nevins Lake Church, First Congregational Church, and Stanton Baptist Church.

WHEN? PRIME Time officially runs from 7:20 a.m. until  7:30 a.m. FBI then takes over until 7:43 sharp! Although students arrive at varying times, each student signs in with one of our volunteers before heading into the gym. 

WHAT? PRIME Time/FBI is NOT church, but it is a place to worship, learn and grown in our walk of faith with Jesus. Songs are often straight-up Bible verses, kids' songs about faith, and actively motion-oriented. During the first 10 minutes, leaders tell stories, lead light exercise, and direct large group play. Many adult volunteers participate right along with the kids. During the second 10 minutes, students go to corners of the gymnasium according to their grade level where a teacher tells them a Bible story. If a student attended our program every day throughout their four years at CMUE, they'd hear the major stories of the Old & New Testaments TWICE!

HOW DO I SIGN UP?  Because this is not an official school program, we are completely free to express our Christian faith. However, because we use school property and meet at a time so close to the start of the school day, we do like to have permission from parents/guardians.  Sign-up sheets can be sent to the church office or given to any Blastoff volunteer from any of the churches.



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